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Here you can read some of our recent feedback and comments from our Parents and fellow Professionals.

Our St. Barnabas Site is also taking reviews from parents over at Day Nurseries, please do go and have a look.
If you are one of our Parents, we would really appreciate it if you would leave us a review if you haven’t already done so. 
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I visited the nursery as I was observing a child. The nursery was a very calm place staff and children were busy and very involved. There was lots of conversation going on and the children were happy. This nursery has always been a lovely place to visit.
J Walker
Nursery Nurse - Park House – Child Development Centre
"I feel very happy coming to this nursery, my child has made lots of friends, the teachers are very nice"
"Great place, my daughter seems to have become more creative at activities at home and her imagination. There is good safety with locks on gates and doors and good signs coming and going out"
"Nursery has transformed my daughter so much. I give credit to St Barnabas Staff for helping her settle in"
"I am really happy with my child’s progress. He had learnt a lot since coming to this nursery, he has started to talk a lot more in English at home. Thank you to the teachers."
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