‘Families Voices’

Last week, we were delighted to host our ‘Families Voices’ Consultation Event at Balsall Heath Children’s Centre, in partnership with St Paul’s Development Trust and  Smartlyte.

Family Voices 1

The consultation was arranged as part of “The Community Cohesion strategy for Birmingham  – Forward together to build a fair and inclusive city for all” outlines Birmingham City Council’s commitment and approach to promoting cohesion. The city consultation sought opinions and feedback via an online questionnaire.


Hall Green District – Holiday Kitchen summer programme



Hall Green District launched their Holiday Kitchen Program on Saturday 28th July, at St Paul’s Trust Children’s Centre, Malvern Street, on the farm site. It was a resounding success with 82 children and parents attending.

Families were able to join in cooking a three course meal together, offering a variety of healthy choices including plenty of fruit and vegetables


Holiday Kitchen Family Fun Day

This Saturday, 28th July, St Paul’s Children’s Centre is hosting a Holiday Kitchen Fun Day.  If you live within the Hall Green District and have children under the age of 5 come along and join in the fun.  We start at 11am at St Paul’s Venture, Malvern Street with lots of fun activities including art and craft, fun physical activities, animal handling and face painting, to name a few.  (more…)

Children’s Centre Trip

Friday 24th August 2018 St Paul's Trust Children's Centre, in partnership with Springfield Children's Centre, will be taking parents from the Hall Green District to Southport.  Please note this trip is now open for anyone to attend.We will be going by coach leaving at 8.30am and planning to return to Birmingham at around 8.00pm.  There will be 3 pick up points:St Paul's Trust Children's Centre, Malvern StreetSpringfield Children's Centre, Springfield RoadSpringfield Children's Centre, Percy RoadTickets are £10 per person (regardless of age) and must be paid in full at time of bookingIf you would like to join us come along…